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Music Services & Artist Development  

URS is where the best artists get heard!

No matter your level of experience, you’ll find our relaxed style helps bring out your best. Our quality of service ensures your performance shines and that we take you to the next level. Many recording artists who try the “do it yourself” approach in an effort to save money soon encounter problems. Without the right mix of facilities, a skilled engineer and an experienced producer, the results of self directed projects often fall short of expectations. And a “bargain” CD that sounds lame is no bargain.

On the other hand, services at many studios here in California are out of reach for most anyone unless you have a fat wallet or substantial financial backing. We help to bridge that gap.

URS Music Services:

Recording – $75 Per Hour (Includes Engineer) Standard Rate

***Currently Offering Discounts On Our Hourly Rate At URS***

This service includes instrumental and vocal live to multi-track or 2 track, instrumental and vocal overdubs, as well as spoken voice or voice over. It also includes the recording of midi instruments. This does NOT include mixing and mastering.


Mixing Sliding Scale (Does not include tuning or cleanup) * Based  on Track Count

1-8 Tracks $140       8-16 Tracks $280        16-24 Tracks $360      24-48 Tracks $420

Mixing can be done completely “In The Box” (from the computer), We also provide remote mixing at discounted rates!


Mastering – $50 Streaming Master | $60 CD Master

This is the final process of making your record. It is the finishing stage where the songs are turned into finished tracks with fades and proper spacing between. The songs are EQ-ed to fit together and volumes are boosted to industry standard, plus a little fairy dust is sprinkled in.


Editing & Tuning – $40 per hour (no block or discounts)


We do editing of audio for many different clients and occasions. So whether it’s editing a five minute song down to 2 minutes for your dance school recital or sending in your master multi-track files in to have a alternate mix done, cleaning up dead air on audio files or tuning vocals we can handle it.


Music Production – Starting at $800.00 Per Song

We can handle your commercial music production needs from demos to sound effects and custom jingles to voice over or scoring. We produce custom music. If your doing an album for release it is always good to have a producer. This is someone who is emotionally removed from the music but shares in the vision of the artist. We offer production services via our experienced staff and also freelance producers outside the studio.


Session Musicians – Studio time plus musician’s/programmers fee

Real or MIDI.  Many clients have songs but no bands to perform them. We have a considerable stable of players from all genres of music that can play on your sessions. We also can just lay down tracks for your recording your doing at home. Say you need a lead guitar part and just don’t have anyone to pull it off. Send us a stereo file of the song and we’ll lay down a lead per your description. So whether it’s male or female backing vocals, real piano or Hammond organ, bass guitar, acoustic or electric guitar or pretty much anything else we can handle it for you.

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