Hip Hop Recording Studio Sacramento

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At URS we work with a ton of hip hop music artists from Sacramento…from the famous to the not (yet) famous…from rap to r&b to reggaeton, and from mixtapes to full albums…we’re ready so why not have a hip hop recording studio in Sacramento get your music right. We have all of the latest vocal effects including AutoTune, chop and screw, stutters, etc. You can bring your beats in on a flash drive, or for a more complete album sound, bring in the tracked out files in ProTools or wav format. Feel free to call or email us to talk about the best way to go for your needs and your budget.

The recording studio provides complete recording, mixing, and mastering services as well as offering referrals for Beat Production and licensing.  We have worked with many hip hop artists.  Shane knows this style of music and knows how to make your music stand out from the rest.


Tighten Up Your Home Recordings

We see more and more of this everyday. You can do so much at home these days, but sometimes you hit the wall and need some help to take the tracks you’ve laid down to the next level. Whether you’re recordings are in Cubase or Fruity Loops or Logic or Reason or GarageBand or ProTools or anything else, we can build off what you’ve done and take the tracks even higher. Bring your final files and mix to a Hip Hop Recording Studio where we can take your song to the next level.

Are You A Producer?

URS is always on the lookout for new producers who want to develop professional relationships with the studio. If you make beats and would like a place to market yourself to local hip hop artists, give us a call. The arrangement can be as simple as dropping off a demo of your work for us to keep on file, or we can discuss ways to develop more in-depth partnerships. Please call Shane at (916) 800-3877 or email record@uniquerecordingstudios.com

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