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The Collective

Bridging The Gap For Producers & Artist To Create & Be Heard

Unique Recording Studios provides a monthly rentable space for all your music creation needs. This artist collective also supports producers, singers, songwriters and artists who are interested in bridging the gap between just starting in the industry and industry veterans. Our Artist in Residence program give you the access to a professional recording studio and an in-house major label credit producer with music industry contacts around the world. Unique Recording Studios share’s this space to create, collaborate and help each other grow as artists. As a production house, we offer creative services, host special artist events, as well as produce unique content.

Why Did We Start This Collective

We decided to start this collective because we realized there was a void in Sacramento with artist’s not having access to quality recording services but also not having access to the inner workings of the music industry leaving artist empty handed and not wanting to create. We help bridge that gap. With over 20+ years in the industry. With the URS Artist Collective we create a perfect VIBE environment to create HIT music.

Monthly Recording Studio Rentals

Unique Recording Studios is passionate about finding solutions for producers & artist that want to create a great sounding product, and know that their sound comes from the energy of recording at the same time.  Our solution is to offer Unique Recording Studios for rental on a monthly basis, for a steep discounted rates of $500/month.  This rate is far less than renting a standard studio by the day (usually $300-$1000/day).  The facility comes fully equipped with everything you need to record.  When you are ready to record, bring your own engineer, or use one of ours.*  You now have an affordable solution to record in a studio that was designed for musicians, producers and artist to play together as one unit.  The end result will be a recording that is cohesive, full of the energy Where HITS are made.

If someone gets sick, or your not feeling it that day?  No problem, because you have the studio for the entire month – affordably.  Is your  working style to write and produce for a couple of days and then record?  Then you come back and listen with fresh ears after a couple of days and want to make changes?  No problem, because you have the studio set up to record for the entire month.  All of this – affordably.

What Do You Get

  • 30 hours of Studio Time – 6 days a week –  Monday Through Sunday 9am-7pm
  • 25% Discount on URS in-house Services
  • Access to URS production system to include our sounds we have used to create and produce.
  • Access to Monthly Listening Sessions with URS for mentoring, guidance, artistic direction
  • Access to Free Digital Distribution through our label and distribution partners
  • Access to songwriting events, music submissions, film & TV Opportunities and much more.


Limited Slots Available

While we would love to give this amazing opportunity to all producers and artist. We can only provide this opportunity for a total of 10 Artist. Scheduling is first come first serve. We are now accepting artist for the new year 2017. Please Contact Us for more info