The Collective

The URS artist collective has been created to support producers, singers, songwriters and artists who are interested in bridging the gap between just starting in the industry and industry veterans. The Collective Membership program give you VIP access to a professional recording studio and an in-house major label credit producer with music industry contacts around the world. Unique Recording Studios share’s this space to create, collaborate and help each other grow as artists. As a production house, we offer creative services, host special artist events, as well as produce unique content that will be available to members of the collective only

Why Did We Start This Collective

We decided to start this collective because we realized there was a void in the industry with artist’s not having access to quality recording services but also not having access to the inner workings of the music industry leaving artist empty handed and not wanting to create. We help bridge that gap. With over 20+ years in the industry. With the URS Artist Collective we create a perfect VIBE environment to create your art.

What Do You Get


ONLY $32.99 Per Month