Music Production

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Music Production From Major Label Credit Producers

We are not only audio mixing and mastering engineers, we are also a team of experienced producers and remixers working in the music industry for more than 10 years making hit’s. Our music producers have been gaining international recognition and respect. If you are looking for a music producer or you want to release a CD and need production, we can provide you with a full music production service. Everything from composition to scoring and remixing, we can do it for you here at Unique Recording Studios. Our team is filled with professional music producers that work with all music styles, from house to R&B to Pop. We are your online music producer. Just let us know what kind of track you are thinking about, house, trance, Pop or R&B and we can help you.

Finding a Music Producer

We decided to start this new music production service because we were receiving mails asking for music production and we wanted to add this extra service to our other music services to satisfy our customers demand. We used to only provide this services to major labels and independent labels with a big budget. Here below you have an example of just one of our customers enquiries asking for music production.

If you think you are in a similar situation, this is your music production service: “Hello there, hopefully you will be able to help with my enquiry. I’m a talented singer from Hollywood. I am sure you can imagine that a singer without a professional release or two these days will find it hard to get noticed and taken seriously, I feel I have much more to offer but I have little production knowledge. I have heard before that many very well known singers and songwriters often get tracks produced for them. Is this something you provide at Unique Recording Studios? The music I sing and love is mainly Electro/Pop. I have some great ideas for tracks but just struggle to translate them from my head into a track. It would be great if you could assist me with this and produce a track for me. If this is something that you do would you please send me some prices. When the track is finished I intend to heavily market it online and off. I am more than happy to pay a very fair price for your time and dedication. I look forward to your response. Thanks, Serena J.

Custom Music Production

Our Production team can produce a custom track just for you exclusively as a work for hire. You won’t owe any royalties and have to pay us anything extra if your song goes platinum. Custom music production services with Unique Recording Studios runs between $1000-$5000 depending on the complexity of the song and does not include mixing or mastering. We can combine services and get you an all in one price if you would need more then music production services. Please contact us if you would like custom music production