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Does Your Mix Translate?

Check My Mix allows clients to book URS studios to listen to mixes and masters of tracks they have completed.  The room is available in 30 minute increments between 10am and 6pm at a discounted rate to give clients an opportunity to review their mixes to make sure they are ready for the club and radio.  Many times mixes are done remotely or in less than perfect rooms.  Some mixes may be done on headphones or without the ability to reference on full monitors.  Making critical mix choices on emailed mp3s is not the way to assure your sound is correct.  This service gives you the ability to listen to your material in an acoustically correct room on multiple sets of studio monitors.  You can then go back and make corrections as necessary.  This is a listening opportunity only and does include an producer/engineer that can give you tips on how to take your mix to the next level.  The best format to listen to your references will be on a CD or full bitrate wav files.  Make sure your mixes are industry ready!




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