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Artist Development


Working with successful studios and producers is the best way to get legitimate industry attention. We work with numerous studios around California that have producers/engineers that have proven track records of recording and producing successful acts. Having these great creative people involved with your project will not only make you better, it will increase the chances that industry professionals will take time out to listen to your material. Knowing that your material comes from a reliable source and out of a successful studio is half the battle.

This is a more thorough and involved process. Record labels no longer have the time, resources, and staff to develop artists once they’re signed, which typically leaves the artist languishing on the label roster for years without a clear sense of direction. Unique Records fills this void by advising on every aspect of the artist’s developing career including performance, project recording, songwriting, imaging, and label readiness. We can link you with experts in vocal coaching, media training, choreography/creative direction, marketing, publicity, and more. We prepare you to be presented to record labels or major management companies so that your first impression is one they will never forget. If at the end of the process the client is ready to go to the next level, we will present the client to major industry executives to try and get the artist signed.

Below are just some of the ways that we can assist you:


We have best photographers in the industry to set up your own professional photo shoot, we also provide a stylist and various locations around Los Angeles if needed.

Artist Direction

Your band should have a consistent identity and brand that follows the attitude of the music.

Artist Web Design/ Social Media

URS will provide you with a creative and technical team composed of skillful media experts. URS is a highly creative and innovative company with expertise and experience in all sectors of the industry. Our strategy and creative solutions create challenging, intelligent and trend setting results that surpass the standard website expectations and brand a band or artist through creative solutions. We provide the most modern website services including semantic based web design, css, ajax, html 5, php, mysql, and social networking integration.


Our production team has over 10+ years of music industry experience working on all sides of production both national and local as musicians, managers, producers, songwriters, and more.  We will plan, produce and arrange your entire CD.

Project Consulting

Determine the musical and creative direction for the project that best suits the client.  Combine client with songwriters and/or producers to create hit songs. Coordinate and oversee all recording sessions. Advise on all associated paperwork including legal documents between client and writers/producers/studios/sample clearances/song licenses. Coordinate and oversee mixing and mastering of project.