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    About Unique Recording Studios

    Recording Studio Sacramento

    Unique Recording Studios is a recording studio Sacramento that is becoming the first one stop resource for independent record labels and musicians and recording artist looking for professional and affordable music services  and artist development in Sacramento. URS is a music studio in Sacramento that offers pre and post audio production, sound design, mixing, mastering, and web development with an honest work ethic at affordable prices.

    URS is All About VIBE!

    URS is an intimate space for writing and tracking in Sacramento, URS maintains a relaxing and supportive environment for quality creative work. We understand that the artist/producer vibe is important so we have created a spot full of vibe and character. As URS grows it will be built to replicate a BALI oasis where artist can come and record free of distractions. URS is a different type of recording studio. 

    We Cater To All Artist’s

    Whether your tracks are being played on National Radio/TV or your a bedroom artist wanting the best from your new recording, Unique Recording Studios can provide the professional touch at an affordable rate. We can professionally mix your track and finish the work with a mastering service that will ensure your songs are well balanced have great presence, depth and with the care and attention they deserve to make them sound as good as possible.

    Major Label Credit Production Team

    With experience in producing tracks for high profile clients and in most genres, The Go Gettas can bring this knowledge and experience to your project, giving your songs the balance they need to reveal their true quality. Don’t know which direction to take your music, we offer A&R consultations to help you get ahead of the game effectively. We know what it takes for people to make it even in the new ever changing music industry!

    Mentor for the Recording Connection

    The Recording Radio and Film Connection has been utilizing the mentor-apprentice (extern) training approach to help students launch careers in broadcasting, recording and film for over 30 years. During that time, They have made a lot of connections, and have helped their students make a lot of connections. Unique Recording Studios/ Shane Anderson is a mentor/trainer with over 20+ years experience in the music industry. Shane’s vast knowledge across multiple genres, mixing approaches and overall industry know how is truly beneficial to a new emerging group of artist, producers, mixers and songwriters.



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